Florence Ambrose

The Bowman's Wolf is a fictional species of anthropomorphic wolf found in the webcomic Freefall.

History Edit

The Bowman's Wolf is an anthropomorphic race of Red Wolves created by Ecosystems Unlimited. It was an experimental organic AI created under the direction of Dr. Bowman. Fourteen of these creatures were created, 3 male and 11 female. The project that was responsible for the creation of the Bowman's Wolf was shut down and disbanded after some of the wolves (while still puppies) were placed into homes with regular humans.

They are all engineered with numerous "failsafes" in place so that they may not harm humans. Firstly, they have a remote that plays a tune that will put any/all Bowman's Wolves in hearing range to immediate sleep (The Tune is now usable only five times before a new one has to be made and the remote wont work without a recognized thumbprint). This same remote is needed to re-awaken them from sleep. Also, any Bowman's Wolf is biologically predispositioned to accept any order from a superior human, regardless of what it is. This falls in step with the First Law of Robotics by Isaac Asimov.

At the beginning of the comic, all fourteen Bowman's Wolves were being shipped off to <insert planet here> when Florence Ambrose was reassigned/stolen to/by Sam Starfall to be an engineer on the crew of his ship.

List of Currently Known Individuals Edit

As of the time of writing, the following wolves are known (have some information on them) but have not been in the comic (unless otherwise specified).

  • Florence Ambrose (F) (Seen in comic) -- Florence is an engineer, who is currently residing with Sam Starfall aboard his ship.
  • Donna Morris (F) -- Mentioned as a nurse by Dr. Bowman.
  • Male Wolf #1 (M) -- Described as a "workaholic". [Citation Needed]
  • Male Wolf #2 (M) -- In an active relationship with a female Bowman's Wolf. [Citation Needed]
  • Male Wolf #3 (M) -- Disagrees with the code of ethics adopted by the rest of the Bowman's Wolf population. Considers his genetic material so valuable for procreation that he insists on being paid for it, setting the price high enough that he wouldn't have to work to support himself. [Citation Needed]